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Kiva launches in India with poor product experience

The leading crowd-sourced microcredit platform, Kiva.org, has recently launched micro-lending in India. I am a big fan of Kiva and I am a personal lender on the platform having made more than 200 loans — see my Kiva lender page. But their micro-lending product for India is very different than what they offer for other countries.… Continue reading Kiva launches in India with poor product experience

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Microfinance is more than a loan

Interesting personal experience article by Jitin Mitra on the status and impact of microfinance in India. As a result of the microfinance crisis in India, there has been a significant decline in the availability of microloans for poor Indian workers. While certain politicians gloat that they are protecting poor borrowers, Jitin notes that “the reality is… Continue reading Microfinance is more than a loan

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Questions about Unitus changes

I wish I had posted this closer to the announcement date, but I still think this will be helpful for people who care deeply about Unitus and microfinance/poverty alleviation… I am a board member of Unitus, a global poverty 501c3 charity which recently announced that it is redirecting its efforts from microfinance to new areas of reducing global… Continue reading Questions about Unitus changes


Priorities for helping the world’s poor

There was an interesting article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Journal called “A New Dawn” which featured too very different perspectives on climate change. One article by Ian McEwan focuses on how developed countries should focus our budgets on climate change and the second article by Bjorn Lomborg focuses on how we need… Continue reading Priorities for helping the world’s poor