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Vidagas raised $1.4M for social business

Congratulations to VillageReach for leading the successful fundraise of $1.4M from Oasis Capital, here a European social venture fund to expand their African social business, Vidagas. I have previously written about Vidagas and how they have innovatively developed a commercial business to become the largest distributor of propane gas in northern (mostly rural) Mozambique. Seattle… Continue reading Vidagas raised $1.4M for social business

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Delivering propane as a social business

Vidagas is currently the leading distributor of propane in northern Mozambique … the least developed and primarily rural portion of the country. It has recently become profitable and is raising additional capital to expand into additional provinces of Mozambique and beyond. What’s most interesting about Vidagas is that it’s a social business. It was started… Continue reading Delivering propane as a social business

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Going the last mile to save lives

I was introduced recently to VillageReach, an innovative non-profit headquartered in Seattle which is focused on addressing one of the largest issues in healthcare delivery systems in emerging countries … delivery to the local clinic. Most of us in developed countries just assume that the pharmacy/clinic will have the medicine when you need it. You… Continue reading Going the last mile to save lives