Kiva provides microloans in USA

Kiva, a pioneer in making microlending participation possible for almost anyone in the USA at $25 at a time, has focused to date on lending to microbusinesses in developing/low-resource countries. Many of these loans were a few $100’s with the largest around $1,000 per individual business. Recently has begun facilitating loans to low-income self-employed entrepreneurs… Continue reading Kiva provides microloans in USA

Microfinance · Social Impact Investing

Ebay enables investing in microfinance

Ebay recently opened a new web site called MicroPlace which enables individuals to make loans to the world’s working very poor. This enables what I refer to as Socially Responsible Investing version 2 … choosing to make a positive social impact with your investing. Here’s generally how it works: You can preview the investment options… Continue reading Ebay enables investing in microfinance