Micronutrients into the food supply

The Economist reported that when eight eminent economists were asked how they would spend $75 billion to most help the world, 5 of their top 10 recommendations involved nutrition including: Vitamins for children Adding zinc and iodine to salt Breeding micronutrients into crops Other recommendations included more girls’ schools and trade liberalization. Of the 40… Continue reading Micronutrients into the food supply

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Going the last mile to save lives

I was introduced recently to VillageReach, an innovative non-profit headquartered in Seattle which is focused on addressing one of the largest issues in healthcare delivery systems in emerging countries … delivery to the local clinic. Most of us in developed countries just assume that the pharmacy/clinic will have the medicine when you need it. You… Continue reading Going the last mile to save lives


Malaria solution continues to be stalled

I previously wrote about how there is growing widespread support for indoor residential (not crop) spraying of [small amounts of] DDT as the most effective (cost and results) way of decreasing malaria in many countries and especially Africa. Dr. Roger Bate, ailment board member of Africa Fighting Malaria, comments that “DDT is probably the single… Continue reading Malaria solution continues to be stalled


Outsourcing healthcare in developing nations

We think our healthcare system in the USA is pretty messed up with the 100’s of billions of dollars we’re spending each year with so many people still un-insured. Some are advocating for the USA to pursue a more nationalized healthcare system like Canada and most of western Europe. An interesting experiment was reported on… Continue reading Outsourcing healthcare in developing nations