Entrepreneurs by Opportunity vs. Necessity

Interesting article posted by Forbes challenging the widespread use of the general term “entrepreneur” to describe both Bill Gates and a poor street fruit seller in a developing country. In reality, there are entrepreneurs by necessity (because you have to eat) and those by choice or opportunity. Forbes argues that we do a disservice to… Continue reading Entrepreneurs by Opportunity vs. Necessity


Micronutrients into the food supply

The Economist reported that when eight eminent economists were asked how they would spend $75 billion to most help the world, 5 of their top 10 recommendations involved nutrition including: Vitamins for children Adding zinc and iodine to salt Breeding micronutrients into crops Other recommendations included more girls’ schools and trade liberalization. Of the 40… Continue reading Micronutrients into the food supply


India Regulator Proposes Radical Microfinance Reforms

This week, the Reserve Bank of India (India’s central banking regulator) proposed significant new microfinance regulations which would impact the majority of microfinance lending in India. There are many new regulation recommendations which they hope to have adopted as early as April 1, 2011.  Here are a few highlights: Create a new non-banking financial company… Continue reading India Regulator Proposes Radical Microfinance Reforms


Disinformation on Microfinance Hurts the Poor

Muhammad Yunus’ OpEd piece in Friday’s New York Times entitled Sacrificing Microcredit for Megaprofits is plainly and simply factually challenged.  Yunus advocates for changes which will result in fewer of the working poor receiving quality financial services and those who do will pay more for those services. [NOTE:  Those of you who read my blog… Continue reading Disinformation on Microfinance Hurts the Poor


India microfinance crisis by the numbers

Finally a reporter who actually attempts to explain the objective facts on the current microfinance crisis in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Microfinance by the Numbers by Eric Bellman Here are a few highlights: Default rates by borrowers were ~2% before the politicians intervened and now have risen to 50% since they instructed borrowers… Continue reading India microfinance crisis by the numbers