Microfinance pledge

As I noted in previous post, I just returned from 2 1/2 weeks visiting high-growth microfinance institutions (MFIs) based in India. I visited many group meetings where staff of a MFI would meet with clients to transact business … generally, receiving loan payments, group savings, etc. and distributing new loans, withdrawals, etc. At the beginning and end of each meeting, there were pledges said by the MFI staff and the borrowers to state their commitments and values. I couldn’t understand what they were saying as they were usually speaking in the local language, so we asked for a transcription of the pledge from one MFI, Ujjivan, an urban microfinance startup based in Bangalore.

Here are the pledges:

Customer Pledge
We will use the benefits of our loans to eliminate poverty.
We will repay our loans promptly.
We will save regularly for our family.
We will educate our children.
We will stand by our group in good times and bad.
We will work to build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Ujjivan.
God is a witness to all our acts and deeds.

Staff Pledge
We will work with poor women towards eliminating poverty.
We will work without discriminating caste, creed or religion.
We will be truthful in all our activities.
God is a witness to all our acts and deeds.

I thought these were very powerful pledges! Wouldn’t be great in other companies/organizations had pledges which they recited in front of their customers! I know this sounds so “out there”, but it would surely help keep their values front and center.

2 thoughts on “Microfinance pledge

  1. I don’t think it’s that far out there, doesn’t Walmart have some “out there” songs and such that employees recite in the morning. It really is a powerful mechanism to unify staff and stay on target with your mission. It even works for the Boy Scouts.


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