Empowering Women

Unitus has provided a great way to honor women who have empowered those around them. You can create a tribute to an empowering woman you know … upload a photo, write a small tribute and then donate to empower more women with opportunity through a microcredit loan in a developing country. Every $5 you donate empowers a woman … and her family … and much more! You can empower 10 women for $50.

What a great mother’s day gift!

View more tributes…

One thought on “Empowering Women

  1. Dave, thanks so much for the posting and for your ongoing support and outreach for Unitus. As always, we sincerely appreciate your commitment to our mission. Here’s a little bit more info for your readers about how their $5 gift can help empower a hard-working woman in a developing country: How does your tribute donation empower women? The Unitus team are experts at unlocking growth. Instead of taking $5 and passing it on as a $5 microloan, Unitus invests donor dollars in strengthening our microfinance partners; we help these “banks for the poor” remove barriers to growth, improve efficiency, and raise additional capital through outside sources. Our bottom line: We believe that more efficient organizations with more capital results in more loans for more of the world’s working poor. Ultimately, we believe that this model unleashes the tremendous potential of the human spirit and gives hardworking men and women the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. Currently, it takes Unitus less than $5 to help our microfinance partners build the capacity to serve one additional micro-entrepreneur with life-changing financial services. $5 really can change a life.


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