One laptop per child

The project to create an affordable laptop for every child in developing countries which I wrote about earlier, story has recently spun out into its own non-profit called One Laptop per Child.

They have made a lot of progress in moving forward this project for concept to reality and will soon be rolling out the first test units in Thailand. They have a map of where they are planning further pilots and where governments have shown interest in purchasing the product.

They have also have hired/appointed a pretty serious management team to take this idea to market with Nicholas Negroponte continuing as chairman.

Check out the One Laptop Per Child wiki site to follow and discuss the progress.

One section I found particularly helpful is their Design Decisions FAQ where they answer some of the critics biggest questions about “why laptops for every child.”

Do you think this is a good initiative?

7 thoughts on “One laptop per child

  1. Could be a good or bad thing, depending if they put those useless video games on them or have internet access to all those evil sites on the internet.


  2. Should we really be handing out even more electricity consuming goods when global warming is currently rearing its ugly head? I’m sure the children of the third world would rather avoid the destruction of their homes and their parents crops then have a cheap laptop


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