Microfinance Leadership Conference

Unitus, health the global microfinance accelerator, pilule is hosting the Unitus Leadership Summit in Malaysia. This 3-day event brings together CEOs and senior management from 11 high-growth microfinance (MFI) banks based in developing countries including India, Mexico, Kenya & Philippines were participating. I am onsite for this event. I am blogging more details on the Unitus blog.

The focus of this summit is peer learning. On average, these organizations are growing at 70-80% per year. With this kind of growth comes major challenges in outgrowing systems, people and capital.

Mixed in with these entrepreneurial leaders are a group of talented business leaders from other industries who are presenting lessons learned from high growth and how to think about creating a high performance organization. Executive have experience from high-tech, consumer products, organization development and venture capital. This process of having an intimate environment of multi-industry executive interaction and learning is very unique as most microfinance conferences generally involve only MFI-insiders. This is another example of the innovative approach that Unitus is taking to helping the microfinance industry break-out of its overall less-the-stellar growth (based on the market demand.)

Full disclosure: I recently joined the board of Unitus because of how impressed I am of their innovative approach to accelerating microfinance.

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