Laptops for the poor

Very interesting idea for a $100 laptop which could be distributed widely to school children in developing countries is being championed by MIT Media Lab’s Nicholas Negroponte.

“Power for the new systems will be provided through either conventional electric current, batteries or by a windup crank attached to the side of the notebooks, since many countries targeted by the plan do not have power in remote areas” said Negroponte.

There is also the possibility of selling to consumers at say $200 of which $30 would be contributed towards distributing more the $100 laptops to poor school children.

Very interesting initiative which could help accelerate education.

Update: New non-profit organization setup to carry forward this mission.

5 thoughts on “Laptops for the poor

  1. I think this a great idea, but I have some questions. How will people pay for internet service when they can’t afford to buy the computer? Will the governments pay for it or will private companies donate their services for the poor to gain access to the internet?


  2. Great question. All of this is just an idea right now. I think the most likely broadband internet access will come from the next generation of “3G” mobile handsets. This will be pre-paid like 95%+ of mobile/cell phone usage is today in developing countries. In many of these areas, one person buys a phone and then rents it out to others. With Wifi technology a single 3G-enabled phone could provide broadband service to a neighborhood.


  3. I like this idea but I am curious to know who will be teaching the children to use such modern technology when lack of education is already a huge issue in these countries?


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