Wolf #2 has a new war

It is interesting how many anti-poverty supporters were against Wolfowitz (former US deputy secretary of defense) being placed as president of the World Bank. The New York Times reported that Wolfowitz is already pressing the US publicly to step up and commit more specific budget $ long-term to anti-poverty goals including the Millenium Development Goals. He is also promoting an approach to modernizing agricultural practices in Africa (to benefit from the rest of the world’s so-called “green revolution” — basically using better seeds and modern ag techniques.) He is also advocating for infrastructure projects like Jeff Sachs recommended in The End of Poverty.

Frankly, I think having someone who has the tenaciousness to run a military war may have what it takes to drive a war on poverty. The jury is still out on Wolf #2, but there’s some interesting early promise in his priorities.

One thought on “Wolf #2 has a new war

  1. I think we’re most certainly years away from seeing if the Bush cronyism that ended up selecting Wolfowitz ahead of so many other more qualified candidates paid off. The work he’s done so far has been pretty much business-as-usual for the president of the World Bank (fighting for higher state-level giving is akin to fighting for a job if you work at a Bretton Woods institution). I think he’s played his first months rather conservatively compared to Wolfensohn’s first months.(Met you at the SVP event with Grameen and KickStart, found this through the Unitus blog, and put two and two together!)


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